Friday, November 12, 2010

Video: Josh From Blaze, ChinahBlacc "Till You Come Home"

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I was very late in finding out about the release of  "Till You Come Home," and just wrote about it here finally this week.  However, it has only been only two days now since the official posting of Josh From Blaze's and Chinablac's video on YouTube.  If you have not seen it yet, I recommend it.  It will put you in a good mood.
We Love Josh From Blaze!

I didn’t just make that up, even though we do love Josh From Blaze, this is the name of Josh Milan’s Facebook Fan Page.  This is not going to be another ho-hum review extolling Josh’s virtuosity, sincerity, and soul.  You can read that elsewhere.  You will not  regret watching this video, then click here:  Till You Go Home (Main Mix) and buy this cut. :)
But who is Chinablac?  She is a NJ native who has been around.  I did not know she was a backup singer for Heather Jenkins’ favorite group, the Dave Matthews Band. She has also sung with Jill Scott, and many others.  Click here for on the HoneyComb Music blog.
The tags Josh included on this video read like a "Who's Who":  Josh Milan, Chinahblac, China Black Chinablack, house music, dance, Dance video, Archie Burnett, Blaze, Vogue, Chaka Khan, NDambi, Jill Scott, Angela Johnson Club, videoclip, Dawn Tallman, Cinnamon Brown, Lomon Andrews,, NJ House, NJ Newark, T'zelle.  I am adding "fire" and "don't sleep on this one, family!"

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