Friday, January 16, 2015

King Bruce - Gratitude

Published on Jan 14, 2015
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Vega Records proudly delivers "King Bruce MY FIRST WALK EP, our first EP for 2015! We knew we had to start the new year off right and the only way to do that is with the unique talent of King Bruce and new music. We've been listening to your concerns, many a nights in the clubs around the world Louie's asked "are you worried about OUR music dying, or fading away?" Louie's response is in the form of music, King Bruce MY FIRST WALK EP.

South Africa's Mthetho Nogwina a.k.a. King Bruce the 21 year old DJ/producer from Durban behind these intensely moving tracks is the future of OUR music. With only 2 years of experience and one of the few students chosen by the Red Bull Music Academy his immense talent can be felt in each beat of Amen, African Child, & Gratitude. King Bruce has been profoundly influenced by today's great hit makers like Culoe De Song & Black Coffee, adding to that his pure energy and connection to deep soulful house music Louie Vega and Vega Records knew MY FIRST WALK EP was the only way to start 2015.

"When I was touring in Japan, I was in Tokyo and Carl Craig invited me to the RBMA Studios, I asked him if I could record a musician from Japan (Hajime Yoshisawa) on one of my new album tracks. He invited me into the studio and when I was recording he asked me if he could bring in a few of the Red Bull Music Academy students and King Bruce was one of the students who came in for a few minutes to meet me.

King Bruce later told Louie "when Mr Carl Craig called me to meet someone I never in my wildest dreams thought it was going to be YOU!
When I walked in seeing you so passionate about music, I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Carl Craig told me to let that be my motivation and it definitely motivated me, Thank you".

Louie remembers how excited and ambitious King Bruce was, “at the Red Bull Music Academy’s studio in Tokyo, Bruce gave me his contact info and said he wanted to send me some music. A few weeks later, I checked for him and found him on facebook, he sent music and the rest was history”. Louie signed a few of the tracks which have now become KING BRUCE "My First Walk" EP.

Louie also said,"The response speaks for itself, every time I've played a track from this EP the dance floor erupts and djs start looking over my shoulder to read the IDs. Johannesburg, Italy, London, it didn't matter where I was, the crowd just went wild!" says Louie Vega when we asked him about this new music. King Bruce feels the music and gets at the heart of it, if he's making flawless music like AMEN, AFRICAN CHILD, & GRATITUDE after just 2 years on the scene we can't wait to hear
what he will come up with next! MY FIRST WALK EP is exactly that, the first walk for an upcoming artist who will keep OUR music moving forward and our dancers getting open for years to come! Pick up your copy today on & all digital outlets and join King Bruce for his FIRST WALK EP, this is today's HOUSE MUSIC!


Friday, January 02, 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dear Family and Friends:

My granddaughter's poem has been selected as a finalist in the National Poetry Quarterly. The winner is determined by online vote. It would mean a lot us if you would shoot an email to with the title of Isabella's poem:
"(at least) i can still Feel It"

Thank you very much!
GranGoddessa and Isabella Smith

JUST POETRY!!! - Internet Voting

 (at least) i can still Feel It

you broke me like a child dropping a

glass that shatters unforgivingly on linoleum

oblivious to the small pink palms

which press into sensitive ears at the sound

and i cleaned out all the promises we made like a broom

sweeping rhythmically over the kitchen floor

the raspy shht-shht-shht of strokes promising

to keep me safe from all your jagged edges

i tiptoed past any memory of you

never walking barefoot, always walking around

the place where you cracked open once and for all

centuries scraped by like dry wind on chapped lips

but every time i think it’s safe to set the soles of my feet

down around your aftermath

an invisible sliver of your memory

slips its way into my skin unnoticed

i freeze as my fingers go puppet-string taut

familiar pain shoots straight up to my heart and lodges there

and the crimson on my heel reminds me

that our broken pieces will never really disappear

Isabella Smith, CA, Ulysses S. Grant High School

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mr Fingers(Larry Heard) - Children At Play

Larry Heard (born May 31, 1960, Chicago, Illinois) is a Memphis, Tennessee-based musician widely known for the Chicago-based house music he produced during the mid-1980s and continues to produce today. He was leader of the influential group Fingers Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers. He is regarded as a pioneer of deep house music, moving house music away from its "posthuman tendencies back towards the lush" soulful sound of early disco music (particularly that of old Philadelphia International and Salsoul records). Born on the South Side of Chicago, Heard grew up hearing jazz and Motown at home, and could play several instruments from a young age. Before beginning his solo musical career in 1983, he was drummer, at the age of 17, in the band Infinity (a jazz fusion cover group that included Adonis). He is sometimes cited as having been a member of the Manhattan Transfer, but Heard has denied this, saying, "[I] filled in for somebody on one show." He also worked for the U.S. government as a benefit authorizer, which enabled him to buy his first studio equipment. Although he has created much music and his career is ongoing, he is best known for recording these songs, mostly from the mid-1980s: Much of Heard's music is released and re-released under different names, which include Fingers Inc., Mr. Fingers, Loosefingers, Fingers, House Factors, and Trio Zero. Robert Owens was the vocalist on many of those tracks. Heard was also part of the duo known as the It, along with street poet Harry Dennis. In October 2004, "Can You Feel It" appeared in popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on house-music radio station SF-UR and the song "Cosmology Myth" appeared in the 2009 video game Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, playing on the ambient/chillout radio station Self-Actualization FM.