Monday, June 24, 2019

June Gloom

Korean Friendship Bell
"June Gloom"
Hello Friends,

Morning activity involves a stroll with #Grace_the_Aussie_Akita.  Can't see the Pacific Ocean past the #Korean Friendship Bell now. Awaiting marine layer burnoff and sunshine.  Sharing a moment of my beautiful life in #SouthernCalifornia, #LosAngeles, #SanPedro, in particular  #WhereTheGhettoMeetsTheSea.


Enough gloom, here's a little sunshine from my in-box (Uploaded only recently, first time viewing).

So much information about Keith Jarrett in the notes. Enjoy and #ShareSomeLoveToday

Monday, April 15, 2019

Cleaning up this Blog for forthcoming articles!

Due to computer failures, other priorities and a shift in my new retirement life, this blog has been sleeping for a few years.  It is taking longer than I thought to get rid of all of the broken links.  Google cleared out all the G+ references for me.  That was helpful.

My life is filled with so much laughter and joy that I will  share with you, and the emphasis will not be music or my station, Funk Sanctum, but all things retirement.  Please continue to send me suggestions to "In-Box Jewels" that will be shared.

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