Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Kady Wendpouire - Nab n Yélé

This is probably the most colorful video i will ever share!  Enjoy . . .

Kady Wendpouire - Nab n Yélé

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Taj Mahal - Coconut Man

Taj Mahal at the 1997 North Sea Jazz Festival ...
Taj Mahal at the 1997 North Sea Jazz Festival (Note: Reversed image) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Taj Mahal (Glastonbury 2005) What a smoking pi...
Taj Mahal (Glastonbury 2005) What a smoking picture! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why don't we hear Taj Mahal's name on the news and TMZ and the daily news every day? Well, let's just google that question right now. But in the meantime, I must share this gem I found on my own harddrive. I am honored to say that I had the privilege of meeting Taj Mahal in Kansas City, Missouri in 1975 at the Broadway out front afterwards in his RV, where he graciously offered us some greens he had cooked himself. Awesome man, awesome experience, and thank you for the music, #TajMajal.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Anthony Nicholson Future Black Fusion

". . . the return of an underground classicCircular motion brings you Anthony Nicholson pres. MiquifayeFuture Black Fusion.

Previously released in 2003 on Clairaudience recordings. With heavy support from djs like Joe Claussell, Glenn Underground,Timmy Regisford, Ron Trent and many more, it is one of the most requested releases from the Clairaudience catalogue.

This project is newly remastered and made ready for release with a
unreleased dub demo version.

1. Future Black Fusion(soul ritual re-mastered mix)
2. Future Black fusion( unreleased demo dub)

You can purchase it here:

Keyboards and solos-Chris Rob
Bass- Lamar Jones
Guitar -Rubyen English
Percussion- Asa Watkins
programming and additional Perc-Anthony Nicholson

Anthony Nicholson "Future Black Fusion"  Enjoying the music and the video immensely and have to share this jewel.

Monday, December 28, 2015

"michelle singing songs" by Michelle Shaprow

Michelle Shaprow
Michelle Shaprow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The simple title of this video "michelle singing songs" is appropriate and makes me hopeful that some new mucic might be forthcoming. Being a long-time fan of Michelle Shaprow, her song came up in rotation from my library. Yes, now I get inspiration from my own library, LOL. 

Granny (me) does not remember how I first came to know Michelle's music, but when I found Michelle on Myspace, she was so personable.  I even tried to set her up with my son who was single at the time. Michelle was so nice to me that she personally sent songs for inclusion on my station, "Funk Sanctum Radio" by djGoddessa. And now, even though I am retired from streaming, I still receive updates on my favorite musicians through my YouTube subscription. Actually, you should subscribe to my YouTube channel: Grangoddessa on YouTube.

How did I find this video this morning?  Well, actually someone repinned one of my Michelle Shaprow pins this morning on Pinterest, so that jogged my memory. It is all connected and we are all connected!  :)
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