Wednesday, November 17, 2010

@FunkSanctum is Back on Twitter; How Did Funk Sanctum Radio Save My Life?

Hello Everyone,
Today is a special day for Funk Sanctum Radio: I awoke, have my health and strength, use of my limbs, have a job, have a partner who loves me, have a roof over my head and countless blessings for which I am grateful, every single one. This photo was taken immediately after dolphins were sited swimming in the harbor. Have never seen dolphins this close in; it was thrilling! They were too shy to surface when i snapped this, so you just have to believe me and let me know if you feel their presence just beneath the surface. :)
L.A. L.A. Harbor Palm Photo by dj Goddessa

@FunkSanctum Now Back on Twitter!

Now if you search for @FunkSanctum on Twitter, you will get someone—me.  I have had an issue with @FunkSanctum on Twitter for a few years, as this account mysteriously disappeared one day.  After
writing to everyone I could think of about the issue and reading forum posts of other people who had similar problems with no solutions, I eventually had to start all the way over as @djGoddessa on Twitter.  I had worked hard on the @FunkSanctum Twitter account and was up to 2,000+ followers when one day I tried to sign in and got “not found” message.  Not only was @FunkSanctum “not found” then, it was never found so I just had to wait until it fell off the radar and re-sign up as “FunkSanctum.”  Therefore, this is not a “Horray, this was resolved” post.  It was never resolved.  It has just been that enough time has passed for me to reclaim that name.  Whew, I know they were all clamoring for the @FunkSanctum handle. 
The disappearance of @FunkSanctum account for no apparent reason and Twitter’s inability or unwillingness to reinstate me, or for me to ever even communicate with the appropriate Twitter people to help was extremely frustrating, but it was a great lesson:  take everything on the Internet as a game and with a grain of salt, that things can vanish in a flash, and not to get too attached to anything on here.
As goes Twitter, so go the rest of my life lessons:  Do not take anything too seriously as it will not matter one hour, two weeks or year from now, and the realization that the only constant in the Universe is change; so, “go with the flow, go with the flow, go with the flow.”
When I went all the way back to the beginning of my gmail account for @FunkSanctum trying to determine the actual date @FunkSanctum was “lost” on Twitter, I couldn’t. What I did find, however, were messages for song submissions with attachments of mp3's from 2008 and before--unopened and unread. I let a lot of things slip those years, including a lot of music and many artists slipped through the cracks due to sadness. How did I cure my grief?  Honestly, Funk Sanctum Radio helped heal me.  It is a well-kept secret that many songs in FunkSanctum are healing.  I attribute my life to the music and artists who have dedicated their lives to lifting us!

@djGoddessa's Twitter and Myspace Page Rank versus Live365 PR

I now discover that my Twitter account (@djGoddessa) has a “6” Google Page Rank. WOOT!!!  That is impressive even to me and should help in search results. djGoddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio on Myspace page has a 2PR even though I have not used it much in recent years, specifically since I started playing Second Life and Mafia Wars. Not surprisingly, my station page on live365 is still not rated. It has a big, fat goose egg, zero. I have been broadcasting from this station page for more than 10 years and am there on that station page every single day, but it still has a big fat zero page rank. Why?  Why is live365 so stingy with their link juice? Is it greed? Oh, I'm sure their engineers have an explanation, but they are on the payroll.  I used to get traffic to my live365 station page, , because I was an “Editor’s Pick” station.  They took that away when that particular editor left live365.  Do you think that was right?  I don’t, so in my mind I am still “Editor’s Pick.”

The Windows Live Writer logo.Image via Wikipedia

It is with great pleasure that I bring you this post written with Windows Live Writer. It is a free program that I am trying to compose posts. Combined with Windows Live Writer, I used Sharper Photo which is a plug-in available for Windows Live Writer. It was a snap to edit the photo, add border, brighten it a little, crop, etc. Sharper Photo is really easy to use and effective.
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