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REVIEW: "Finest NY House"; Justin Johnson "Go Back"; Sted-E and Hybrid Heights

Greetings, Friends,

Grinding away at work counting down the hours until free again!  Happy days are here again.  It is unbelievable what we went through yesterday.  Pearl, our dog, was sprayed directly in eyes and face by a skunk yesterday morning.  What is the main thing you want to remember if your dog is skunked?  Do not let them in the house.  I know that now and am sharing it for you file in your memory,  just in case you ever need this information!

Finest NY House 2010
First, I want to talk about King Street Sounds' "Finest NY House in 2010" as I loved "Finest NY House from 2009."  It is playing right now while typing this with my head bobbing and foot tapping.  So what, you say?  Well, I just happen to be at work and am supposed to be listening to dictation from some defense attorney in my headphones, not the finest dance music on the planet as presented by dj Goddessa of !!!  :)  Oh, click and you could be right here with us: 

Soulstar Syndicate - Take Me (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix) [feat. Dawn Tallman] [7:12] - Finest NY House 2010.  I think that Dawn Tallman should be a household word in the United States, in the running to be one of our national treasures!  I told her this when she befriended me on Myspace when she first accepted my friendship but have not written her much since as I feel like there is a fine line between an adoring fan and what can be perceived as stalking.   For the most part we do not pester them for free music, drops, free tickets, invitations backstage, you know, out of respect. That is not to say that I do not respect you if i I request free music, it is just the you are probably not on the A List yet.; Dawn Tallman is on my A List of artists and really happy that she was included on this compilation.

Next, if you have been paying attention, we are no strangers to Justin Johnson and this new one will be in rotation in Funk Sanctum Radio as soon as I can upload it!

Go Back - Part 2Justin Johnson
"Go Back" (mp3)
from "Go Back - Part 2"
(Cable Recordings)
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Last, but certainly not least today is the upcoming release:

"In the realm of science, DNA consists of two info-packed strands, similar and parallel, spinning in complementary directions. Not a bad representation of Sted-E & Hybrid Heights, who united their individual artistic blueprints to become a revolutionary forcefield in the dance arena.

Prior to their alliance in 2006, Sted-E, aka Eddie Alcivar, grew up with a love for salsa, blues, soul, disco, rock and hip-hop. He attained DJ residencies at New York clubs Copacabana and Latin Quarters, before expanding into remixing and production for such acts as Ja Rule, Christina Milian, La India and Proyecto Uno. Sted-E next teamed with producers Anthony Fonseca and Anton Bass to form Speakerbox, which reached No. 5 on the Billboard Club Play chart and top 20 on Billboard Dance Radio with Time,” featuring vocalist Michelle Shaprow. The track also earned an International Dance Music Award nomination in the Best Pop-Dance category.

Hybrid Heights, aka Carlos Rosillo, meanwhile, was raised listening to a combination of South American and progressive music from the likes of BT, Junkie XL, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. From that, he conjured a novel progressive “chopped” house signature as a New York-based remixer. Hybrid Heights’ musical imprint was cemented in 2008 with the underground smash “Old Skool New,” which reached the top 30 on Billboard’s Hot Club Play chart.

Sted-E and Hybrid Heights, now signed as a duo on New York based International Sea To Sun Recordings, Founded by No. 1-charting singer/songwriter Sylvia Tosun and Songwriter/producer Anton Bass-have spun their magic as producers-cum-remixers, with their hit re-rub of Akon’s “Beautiful,” Tosun’s smash club anthems “Underlying Feeling” and “5 Reasons” (with Loverush UK), and mixes for Crystal Waters, Inaya Day and C+C Music Factory alum Freedom Williams (also signed to the S2S roster).

Following appearances last year at Miami’s legendary Winter Music Conference and the Amsterdam Dance Event, they encored at WMC 2010 at Sirius/XM’s and Sea To Sun’s invitation-only parties, with live dates slated this year in Puerto Rico and Ecuador.

Last September, Sted-E and Hybrid Heights released S2S EP “En El Momento,” a three-track progressive house collection featuring the title track," En El Momento" “Greecia” and “Captured Moments,” which rattled the Billboard Dance Club Play charts. Currently, the pair has just polished several remixes for a slew of artists and have just completed their newest EP entitled "Baile del Sol" which, has already topped the Beatport progressive charts with it's title track "Baile del Sol". Other tracks from the EP "Toca la Vida" and "H2" are also available on Beatport. The EP "Baile del Sol" is available digitally everywhere!"

from "New York Boogaloo"

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