Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Justin Johnson, Cable Recordings

Hi family,

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It's Tuesday, and I have already done enough 5 days' worth of work at work (not complaining because we know the opposite of unemployment), but it does not afford me much chance to blog and share with you what's going on in my exciting, synchronous life.  Today's example of intument is checking out my email to discover Justin Johnson and Cable Recordings were sending me notification of new release today of "Go

Back."  Well, as you will remember I have an Ioda Promonet Account whereby I can review new releases, download and recommend.  It is always a bonus when I really, really like the music!  Today's jewel is no exception.  I added the Allen Stenbeck mix in rotation "Go Back" Allen Stenbeck mix today!

Check it out:

Go Back (Part 1) - SingleJustin Johnson
"Go Back" (mp3)
from "Go Back (Part 1) - Single"
(Cable Recordings)

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