Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greetings, I am so happy to be HOME!

Dear Family,

Thank you, dear listener and supporter of Funk Sanctum Radio.  It was 9 years ago that my loving partner told me to continue broadcasting on (even though they began charging a monthly fee to broadcast), that that I "owed it to my listeners" to continue.  I made promise that as long as there was at least one other listener, FUNK SANCTUM RADIO streams.  Thank you again, dear listener.

This week I want to connect with as many people as possible who are using Himalayan Salt Lamp products and share subjective and objective benefits.  Personally, I could not wait to get back home from our exquisite desert adventure this weekend to turn ours on.  I  noticed last week increased energy, well-being, easier breathing--yes, even living in a houseful of animals!  The most amazing aspect is that we found this lamp, brought it home and used it for a day before knowing the "alleged" health and spiritual benefits.  That then made me even more gung-ho because suggestible me would no doubt have always wondered whether I had once again just fallen for the hype.  However, it was my sense of the special energy that had us Google "rock lamp" and discovered that what we felt, others (lots of them) were saying.  These lamps have healing energy.  Well, I am definitely loving the energy and light of this Himalayan Salt Lamp Crystal and wanted to share this jewel.  Do you have one?
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