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Free Downloads: Mark de Clive-Lowe; Kinny

Free Downloads:

The first free download is by Mark de Clive-Lowe, and if you have been here before, you know that MdCL is one of my all-time favorites and you should not sleep on this one:

The second free download today is Kinny, "Idle Forest Of Chit Chat." Kinny’s debut solo outing is an original, colourful and up-to-the-minute brand of modern soul, featuring producers including Quantic, Nostalgia 77 and Hint. Kinny: Canadian ex-opera singer pursuing her tru passion – soul, reggae & jazz.

Here is the most I found of her biography:


Stylesoul / reggae / electronica
On stage3
Labeltru thoughts records
Recent release"hidden forest of chit chat" (2010)
Territoryeurope except uk
Availabilityall year
More information (Links)
»a ‘freestyle improv vocalist’ .. fuses a classical mezzo-soprano sound with jazzy attitude-soul and her voice sashays effortlessly between soaring melodies and caramel-dipped dulcet tones ..« PR
A Canadian ex-opera singer now living in Norway and pursuing her true passion for soul, reggae and jazz…

Born and raised in Canada, Kinny - aka Caitlin Simpson - has a mixture of Jamaican, Native Canadian Indian, French and Swedish heritage. An acutely talented, instinctive vocalist, she trained classically as an opera singer before the spontaneity and freedom of jazz, reggae and soul music lured her into pursuing her true passion. Describing herself as a ‘freestyle improv vocalist’, she fuses a classical mezzo-soprano sound with the jazzy attitude-soul of the likes of Erykah Badu, and her voice sashays effortlessly between soaring melodies, steely staccato phrases and caramel-dipped dulcet tones.

The first band Kinny performed with after cutting loose from the musical theatre world was Third Eye Tribe, who became well known and highly regarded in Canada and beyond for their electrifying live shows, in which Kinny laid spontaneous, improvised vocals over electronic, dub and hip hop beats. On tour with the band in 2001, Kinny visited Bergen in Norway and loved the city so much that she moved there. Comparing Bergen to a Scandinavian version of her native Vancouver, Kinny finds inspiration and intrigue in the vibrant music scene, the extreme seasons and the peace and closeness to nature that abounds in sparsely populated countries. 

In Norway, Kinny met and collaborated with the multi-talented Espen Horne (a producer, designer and professional goalkeeper…) and the fruits of their labours fell into the hands of Quantic, who passed them on to Tru Thoughts A&R Robert Luis. This resulted in the release of Kinny And Horne’s album ’Forgetting To Remember’ on Tru Thoughts in 2005. The album gained rave reviews and brought Kinny’s talent to the attention of the world’s most respected musical minds and tastemakers - including Daddy G, who invited her to audition as a vocalist for Massive Attack. Kinny became a regular visitor to the UK with gigs at The Big Chill, Cargo, Jazz CafĂ©, Native and across Europe. During this period she hooked up with a variety of producers, guesting on tracks by the likes of TM Juke, Diesler and Quantic. Her versatility and charisma, and her desire to embrace new ideas and ways of creating songs became a sign of things to come.

The first single from Kinny’s solo album (a double A side, “Enough Said” // “Desire”) came out in December 2008 - to fantastic reactions from the BBC 6Music Funk & Soul Show and DJs including DJ Food and Ashley Beedle. For the album, ‘Idle Forest Of Chit Chat’, which came out in March 2009, Kinny hand-picked a roster of seven different producers including Quantic, Nostalgia 77, TM Juke, Hint and Norwegian rising star Souldrop, to push the boundaries of her own exceptional talent and expose herself to various styles and ways of working. Kinny’s solo work showcases an original, up-to-the-minute brand of modern soul that mixes irresistible beats, incredible melodies and a pop sensibility with her own unmistakable force of personality and raw talent, and the album has been picked up on and supported by Mark Lamarr (BBC Radio 2), iDJ magazine, DJ mag and many other tastemakers.

In September 2009, Kinny played a knock-out set at Bestival; and in the same month the second single, “Back Street Lust” dropped as a digital download, featuring a pair of killer remixes from label-mates Azaxx and Stonephace that bring Kinny’s powerful and versatile sound into down and dirty dancefloor territory. With support on the likes of Ministry Of Sound Radio and BBC 6Music, these mixes sparked enthusiastic reactions from radio and club DJs around the world, and have set up a sense of eager anticipation for the next Kinny album."

Loving her voice and happy to have found this today so sharing ....Enjoy!

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