Thursday, September 29, 2011

Public Records "It's All House"

Can you feel my excitement? I found all of these new (to me) house music artists--all neatly arranged and easily discoverable from the latest, newest and greatest. Well, then check them out for yourself:

Brighton UK based Public Records: “It's All House.” "It's All House" features a selection of artists from around the globe and includes music that spans the spectrum of what we call House. From Latin influenced summertime vibes to Soulful vocals, Deep to Tech-y and in between, it's all here. Keeping with the ethos of PR, we're happy to present to you quality music from names you may not yet have heard much of. In a nod to the day when people didn't have to create a micro-genre for every style and people played across the board, we've put together what we think is a quality selection of music. In the end - it's ALL House.”
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