Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Review: La Rochelle - Madame EP

Article first published as Music Review: La Rochelle - Madame EP on Blogcritics

My first published article.  You can read it there on Blogcritics, in addition to posting it here in its entirety. La Rochelle is deserving of the world's attention:

Peter Cruseder (electronics, keys), Siemen Get (drums) and Miss Gina Angel (vocals) comprise the new "electrosoul" group, La Rochelle.  After watching their live video and listening to their forthcoming first release, Madame EP on Peter Cruseder Records, I feel compelled to share their songs with anyone who will listen because this is house music at its best: fFun, funky and makes you want to dance.  Direct from Linz, Austria, La Rochelle are preparing to shake the dancing world to the bone with their infectious sound and rhythms. Their music is flagrant, somewhat addicting and the the best sound from a new group I have heard this year.  

Take a pinch of James Brown and Joe Zawinul, add a light sprinkling of Beethoven, stir it gently with the meat of Peter Cruseder's brilliant production, blend the wonderful voice of Miss Gina Angel, and out comes this fantastic musical soul food, La Rochelle's release, Madame EP.  

The first song of the four-song EP, "Feel Right," starts with funky keys and builds on passionate drumming.  The bass line is soul-stirring with fruity jazz house beats that makes you "feel right."  From the first note, you feel the happiness and joy permeating the live drumming by Siemen Get.  The next song "Flair" is slower but not lacking in intensity.  The third song "Madame"  was remixed by Parov Stelar Peter, Etage Noir recording artist, and is a floor-shaker.   

La Rochelle rocks you in a house kind of way, and Miss Gina Angel's vocals now have me on a mission to hear more from this soulful singer.  You do not have to wait until June 20, 2011, the official release date of this EP; watch the video of La Rochelle live now.
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