Friday, June 10, 2011

dj Goddessa Invited to Write for Blog Critics

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Happy Friday, Family,

News Flash!  Your dj was invited to apply to write for Blog Critics and was accepted this week. However, there are stringent guidelines for their articles and it took me one week to write one article that is pending publication. Upon publication, it can then be posted here in "In-Box Jewels." Don't know how or why they invited me as they are quite official and part of Technorati, so we shall see.

If any of you are so inclined you can apply here:

I would also like to wish each of you a blessed weekend as mine will be filled with basketball . . .WNBA, baby!  (Oh, and visiting the great blogs in the Alexa-Lowering hops while checking every three minutes to see if my article was published.)  Bored?  Join me in Funk Sanctum while you last-minute spring-clean.

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