Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Flora Cruz - "Dulce Melodia"

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Just wanted to share this link with you for free download of Flora Cruz today...

FLORA CRUZ - Time for Reality

(A. Cruz, F. Cruz)
Written by Adam Cruz and Flora Cruz. Produced by Adam Cruz.
Solo performed by Josh Milan for Honeycomb Music.
All other instruments performed by Adam Cruz.
Lead vocals by Flora Cruz. Background vocals by Flora Cruz and Adam Cruz.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Cruz at EbbnFlow Studios, Bloomfield, NJ.
Published by Mixtape Sessions Music (ASCAP) and Flora Marie Rodriguez (ASCAP).
©2011 Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC.


From her forthcoming "Dulce Melodia" LP [Deluxe Edition], Flora Cruz and Mixtape Sessions are very excited to bring you her explosive new single, "Time for Reality!" Here, Flora gives you her signature style; fresh vocals with a major attitude combined with a hypnotic beat. "Time for Reality" is a frank conversation between her and another person. Is it a boyfriend? Is it a friend? Flora sings about being tired of someone's complaining nature and their general lack of enthusiasm for life. Whoever it is, she's letting them have it! ‘It's time to step things up' is Flora's call to arms, imploring the listener to face their demons and deal with their past problems. In her lyrics, Flora uses real life experiences to tell a story with each song she creates. Much like ‘Time', her "Dulce Melodia" LP [Deluxe Edition] is loaded with personal struggles, journeys of self-discovery, and testimonies of triumph over love and life. Check out some of her other amazing tunes in this deluxe edition such as "Let the Sunshine Out," "Overcome," and more!

1. Deluxe Vocal (5:16)
2. Deluxe Instrumental (5:03)
3. Flora’s Congera Vocal (5:15)
4. Flora’s Beat Vocal (5:06)
5. TV Track (5:06)
6. Demo Version (5:04)
7. Reality Beats (2:03)

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