Thursday, January 20, 2011

Google Page Rank: From Big-Fat Zero to One!

Hi Everybody!

This is supposedly a diagram of web linking. Don't really know what it means, but I do know that with your help, "In-Box Jewels by djGoddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio" has now received a Google PR of 1!!!

PageRanks-Example.svgImage via Wikipedia

Dear friends, my year-long hard work on "In-Box Jewels" is being recognized with a Google PR of 1! Don't waste your time being jealous, just start or continue commenting here on In-Box Jewels, which is "DoFollow" blog which means you get credit for commenting.  Check out the e-mail I received today from monopolinks, who I totally attribute for helping me get quality backlinks (free).

"Hi dj, Congratulations!  Your website has been recognized by Google for it's great content and link popularity! As a result, Google has increased your Page Rank from 0 to 1. That's GREAT NEWS! Did you know that your placement in the Search Engine Results is directly related to your Page Rank? Monopolinks would also like to reward your great performance! The credit value you earn for posting a member link on your website is now worth 2 times as much as before! You were earning 1 credits for each link, and now you're earning 2 credits! We are extremely pleased at your success and proud of any role we may have played. Monopolinks is defunct so  don't bother looking for them.  
Here is my original post when your dj first learned about Google Page Ranking.  I wish I could give you more tips, and a step-by-step guide as to what I did, but I cannot.  Okay, let's just say it is the great content here, your awesome comments and multiple visits.  It was May 2010 that I first discovered Google PR, I wrote a blog post about my page ranking, and then began consciously trying to increase my ranking.  I then discovered that I had a Myspace page ranking, but still a big fat 0 here, so i wrote a blog post about dj Goddessa's Myspace fan page.

I know you certainly will not miss me pissing and moaning about my zero Google Page Rank.  I am really excited about this and it is very gratifying because it was very hard.  Thank you for your visit and your comment is worth a lot to me and Google.  Share some love today,


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