Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy #MusicMonday Pepe Soup!

Good Monday Morning,

Have some Pepe Soup for breakfast :))

          dj Goddessa here @work sending love and welcoming new visitors and returning family to In-Box Jewels.  It is very nervewracking for me when there's no work, and honestly it has been excruciatingly slow here since January.  Taking advantage of the opportunity to write here in this blog but it is still painful.  They think that I am typing for them, but you know that I am typing for you.  There also does not appear to be any work coming soon because my main hitters are on vacation.  Now would be a great time for me to take a vacation, but can't afford to now.  Oh well! 

          Since this blog's inception there has been no mention of the agony I have experienced in trying to design this with limited html experience and being a slow computer skills learner.  Having only heard of Google page rank last month (don't laugh), yours truly is scrambling to read everything possible, applying suggestions, and adjusting this and that on this page, and my brain is mushy this morning.  Can't afford to pay someone to design Web page and optimization, so wysiwyg. 

          There is hope and light at the end of my Internet tunnel:  I visited my djGoddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio page on Facebook and lo, and behold, there is a Google PR of 2!  I have done nothing with that site for years and it has a 2!  All of the feverish work on this blog, In-Box Jewels, and I still have a big, fat goosegg 0.  SMH

          Now, better save this so that you can start joining this Monday blog hop:

Will be adding to this as the day goes on . . .
Love Me
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