Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Roy Ayers included in Mario Romay - Sounds of Joy Vol. 10 - SoundCloud

Roy Ayers
Cover of Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers' tune is included on this Mario Romay - Sounds of Joy | Vol. 10 - SoundCloud Roy Ayers and Bah Samba - "Positive Vibe" among others.  Proudly included the entire mix in Funk Sanctum Radio this morning and wanted to share some background.

I do not know Mario personally, however, I have been a big fan of his mixes since the first one!  Loyal listener here and admirer of his talents, am dedicating today's post to his "Sounds of Joy, Vol. 10," not only because it is probably the best of the best, but because my work on my job has increased such that this is the easiest way to get a new quality post without writing too much.  hehehe.  Actually should be working on the rush job they gave me right now but first things first:  free download of new mix by Mario Romay!

Please chat amongst yourselves in the meantime, and share some love today:

  Sounds of Joy | Vol. 10 by Mario Romay

  1. Thich Nhat Hanh - Intro
  2. Mustafa feat. Flexie Muiso - Let It Rain (Mustafa Afro Jazz Mix)
  3. Anthony Nicholson feat. Chester Gregory - Spaceship
  4. Baby Face Jay feat. Elrae - Lunar Eyes (Craig Stewart & Jonny Montana Vocal Remix)
  5. Al Olive - Beautiful Stranger (Vick Lavender's All Soul Vocal Mix)
  6. The Layabouts and Pete Simpson- Thank You (Doruk Ozlen Vocal Mix)
  7. Groove Junkies feat. TC Moses - Far Away
  8. Roy Ayers and Bah Samba - Positive Vibe (Super-Phonics One Night In Esperanza's Mix)
  9. Louis Benedetti and Kenny Bobien- Happy (Louis Benedetti Extended Vocal Mix)
  10. Bah Samba - Don't Let Them Get You Down (The Super-Phonics Classic Mix)
  11. Glenn Underground - Get On Up

Here are Mario Romay and Groove Parlor's links for convenient connection to buy music, t-shirts or something!  :)

Grooveparlor on MySpace
Grooveparlor's main website:

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