Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Follow Me to Funky #FollowFriday Land; Blog-Hopping

It's Funky #FollowFriday,

Who's feeling lucky?  This photo was taken by me in the building where I work every day of the week--that's right someone (actually, two women) won this in my building on July 16, 2010 from the Smoke N' Stuff Kiosk. It has taken me this long to actually be able to write about it because:

1. How could the winning ticket be purchased this close to me and not be me?

2. Did i mess up and not buy that ticket and it was supposed to be mine?

3. I am still going to work every day and two lucky people are set financially.  :)

So, today, I can honestly say I am sending love to the two who won this ticket!  Congratulations, anonymous women!  You deserved it and I am proud of you.  That did not take long (four months) and I apologize for any hate thoughts i might have sent your way, I am a still evolving soul.

I will add the bloghops when I come back from buying  my Lotto ticket . . .

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