Monday, August 23, 2010

Sona - Lost Causes (Video Promo)

It is amazing how differently one feels after a relaxing weekend away from it all and given a chance to think about what is really important in my life and prioritize. The one thing that never changes is discovering new music! Been thinking a lot recently about expenses to stream Funk Sanctum Radio on live365 and reevaluating pluses versus minuses and for this reason, since January I have given my station every form of attention it needs and giving it all i have in hopes that it will be revealed to me whether to continue or not. Funk Sanctum Radio has never sought mass commercial appeal and the artists I feature are not the ones you hear clogging the airwaves. So, today, I am proud to showcase Steve Catanzaro. Music Review: "Stilnovo is proud to present Steve Catanzaro and his project Modern Groove Assembly with their first release for the London label. "Third Sign" featuring Kes, is a brazilian infused jazzy broken beat jam that has got 'summer' written all over it! The stunning club mixes from Taipei's finest, Sona, are set to blow you away. On the other hand, Italian producer Andrea Rango delivers a serious driving Tech-House number which is going to set dancefloors on fire! Once again Stilnovo offers a package full of flavour, where quality and originality are at the forefront." Steve Catanzaro is the man behind Modern Groove Assembly. Based in Arizona but born in Chicago, Steve plays a multitude of instruments and has a passion for forward thinking, jazzy and soulful sounds. Modern Groove Assembly first made their mark thanks to collaborations with talents such as Sy Smith and Jeremy 'Ayro' Ellis.
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