Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Merchant Circle Mayor Leader Board

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     Woot!  I am so excited that I have made the San Pedro MerchantCircle Mayor Leader Board and am now No. 8!

Thank you to the merchants who have connected with me, and I will be visiting each of your sites and commenting as time permits. Look out Jime Studios, the present Mayor of San Pedro in Merchant Circle, dj Goddessa is gaining on you!

The first fun thing I did with MerchantCircle is that I placed an actual photo of me on the site when originally signing up thereby affording fellow San Pedro business owners an opportunity to see dj Goddessa's actual photograph so they could speak to me when they see me out and about in San Pedro, because as you know, I must keep my real identity hidden as long as I am employed as a legal word processor at my present firm. Some of you know that I do a lot of blogging (as now) during my time at work, in between jobs, etc., and we cannot jeopardize my livelihood. I figure the more I learn about SEO, webmastering, etc., will be a bonus eventually to my firm.

If you have a business, I would recommend you join MerchantCircle and get a jump on being the Mayor of your City now before your neighbor. Aside from the free exposure, it is fun! See you in MerchantCircle and don't forget to ask me for a connection no matter what city you are in!

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