Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pocket, "Backwards from Ten" (Duplex 100 Remix)

is playing right now on my station and sounding great as I try to restore this blog to be seen by Google Analytics and remove the numerous other errors found by Webmaster Central on this blog. Since the 20th of July reports that there has been 0 traffic to this site.  This combined with the big fat 0 Google page rank for this blog has me reading and trying to apply myself with renewed fervor.  I am documenting my steps this time around.

1.  Change the Order of Post Title and Blog Title for Better SEO:  one key change I made BEFORE, but was lost somehow ??? you can make to Blogger that will markedly improve the SEO of your blog is to adjust the title tags.  By default Blogger title tags are not optimized for search engines. The name of the blog appears before the name of the article which is not search engine friendly. Since search engines read left to right and give preference to what appears first having your blog name display before your post title is significant. To improve SEO it pays to adjust the order of title tags so that the your post title appears first.  Did this with the help of Blogknowhow @blogspot.com. 

2.  Added the code (AGAIN) for Google Analytics.

3.  Will be adding to this list as the evening progresses and time permits. 

What is happening today when you click the link to start Funk Sanctum?  Please let me know and thanks for your time and support.

Have fun and share some love today!

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