Monday, July 26, 2010

Funk Sanctum is "full" please sign up for VIP to listen

Happy #MusicMonday, family,

Please help me verify:

This weekend I tried to start my Funk Sanctum Radio from my partner's computer, and the first message I got was "station full" and a popup asking me to sign in and a live365 advertisement popped up and played.  My station was NOT full!  If this is live365's way of getting people to sign up for their VIP membership, this is less than shady business practices, it is deceptive, but I need proof this occurs on a regular basis and not just a fluke. I was signed in another computer, and my station was not full because I pay for 100 slots!  

Please, if you have a moment, click this link and start Funk Sanctum and see what message comes up.  Do you get the message that "this station is full and please sign up for VIP to listen" or does music start right away?

This is really important to me because if this is in fact happening, I suspect people give up trying to listen if they get a "station full" message.  Secondly, the main thing I advertise is "no advertisements" at any time on my station.  I have checked that preference in my "Pro" station settings.  If live365 is falsely saying my station is full and playing an ad each and every time before my station starts, I will have no choice let this Pro station go.

Honestly, I am still upset by the sneaky way they took away my "Editors Pick" status of my station, and now this.  Please comment if you get a live365 advertisement when starting funk sanctum, I need some feedback on this one and appreciate your time.

Thank you,
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