Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Streema Radio Widget; Pocket Tunes for I-Phone;

Today I am encouraging listeners, especially those who are not already registered with live365 (who hosts my station), to click on the Streema widget to listen to Funk Sanctum (or any radio station you prefer of the thousands listed)!  If you have ever tried to listen to my station previously, you know it is not easy.  There are many time-consuming steps.  First you get a popup that asks you to register, then log in, set up preferences then download player, listen to their ads, wait for the rest of their ads to download on the page, and more.  Well, I tolerated this because I am a preferred member and whenever I want to listen either on my computer or my Palm device, i just hit "play" and the music starts--no ads but this is not the case for the casual listener trying to listen.

Now this is when the story gets good.  You know I wrote to my hosting company and asked for help with the listening problem, but none was forthcoming.  My mama said "there's more than one way to skin a cat," and of course the answer is so simple.  Stop recommending the live365 player!  I know that the player is cute and shows the album art for each currently playing song, but it slows down page loading and many listeneters give up at that point (my own son has complained it is too much of a hassle to listen).  So, Family, easy-peasy, just click this play button on Streema -- simple, efficient, pops out so you can continue to surf while listening (commercial free).  Try it.  Let me know how it works for you.  You still might not like the current song playing, but now I can honestly guarantee you it will not be an advertisement or me ranting or rambling! 

If you are an iPhone user and want to stream music to your iPhone there are apparently several ways you can achieve it and the guys over at tipb have come up with a few ways to simply stream the audio to your iPhone you wish to listen to. They say the obvious place to begin is with streaming internet radio subscription apps such as Slacker, Pocket Tunes, Spotify, and Pandora and many more. I personally recommend Pocket Tunes because I have used it with no complaints on my Palm devices since 2002.  Secondly, Pocket Tunes has a list of select preset stations that you can start from their station directory and yours truly, dj Goddessa’s Funk Sanctum Radio, is a preset that you can start with one click! Here is Pocket Tunes’ page listing all devices Pocket Tunes currently supports. I love Pocket Tunes so much I would not consider buying a new device unless it supported Pocket Tunes–hence I am still using my Palm 655p:

Here is the direct link to purchase Pocket Tunes for your device for I-Phone and I-Pad:

Here is Pocket Tunes list of devices they support:

So, once again, there is no excuse for not listening to Funk Sanctum Radio everywhere you go!
Yippee, now i can move on to the important stuff like blog-hopping and reviewing new house music or telling you about the excitement in my building as tomorrow (July 28, 2010) X-Games XIII comes to the very building I work in--Macy's Plaza in Downtown, Los Angeles, California  (700 South Flower Street)!

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