Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Love Again - Andy Compton feat Diviniti

Greetings and Salutations,

Your dj could possibly be getting the "big head" because I feel like I have reached a new milestone in my dj career. The PR company AheadPR invited ME to join. Do you know what that means? I no longer have to beg each and every artist or label to send me mp3's. Now simply sign in my account and sample away.

Did you hear that Andy Compton released a solo LP? It was back in May but I was just invited to join AheadPR so I am just getting it. Better late than never I always say, and if it's a goodie, you know your dj will have it in rotation until the cows come home. I have always loved The Rurals and if I do not hear Marie Tweek's voice on a regular basis, I go into withdrawals. It does not say specifically who is singing the vocals on this album and I suspect it is not Marie, but engaging nonetheless. If someone can get back at me on that information, this post will be corrected accordingly.

I will be streaming this albun in its entirety tomorrow; however, today my favorites are in rotation. Where? Funk Sanctum Internet Radio, of course! Push play, push yourself back from that computer, lift off that computer chair and dance with me.... :)

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