Thursday, June 17, 2010

Organica Lounge

Here All Along by Bryan Ford featuring Ava Fain is out now!

"Gritty, moody, bluesy and soulful are the words that have been used to describe Here All Along by Bryan Ford featuring Ava Fain. Bryan Ford, co-owner of Revolutionary Music, wrote and played every instrument on this gorgeous song (guitar, bass, slide guitar)," and I am plaesed to announce this song is playing now in Funk Sanctum Radio.  I don't know if i am more excited about the new releases you will find in Funk Sanctum or the fact that  was invited to join AheadPR and am now getting all these wonderful promos to review of my favorite genre--electronic and house music!  It's on now, babees.  You know your dj cannot afford to keep my stream legal AND buy music.  It is really time-saving that now i don'th have to beg each artist/label to send me promos.  That gets old fast, plus many independent unknown artists who used to service Funk Sanctum are now famous and signed!

I am loving the sound and am looking forward to your feedback on them, family!  Stay funky and share some love today.

dj Goddessa
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