Thursday, March 08, 2012


Loving this tune, and I think that you will enjoy the video! The 4:20 Remix by Rise Ashen is now in rotation in Funk Sanctum Radio as well!




Various / Northern Faction 5

Balanced Records
Dubstep, Lounge, Urban
Winnipeg, Canada

Release Date: 2012-03-27
Cat No: BAL-33

Northern Faction 5 takes a dubwise dive across both Canadian and global culture. Full on reggae and dubstep breathe deeply alongside nu jazz and fractured beats while telling a story of hope in a corrupted world.  Rich and complex, this compilation may require several listens to fully digest. Fresh Canadian beats are featured from Juno Award winners Dubmatix and Kellylee Evans as well as recent nominee Rise Ashen.  Northern Faction 5 brings together the best from Canada's conscious dancefloor producers, including Citizen Sound feat Ammoye, Lotek & Demus J, Hitori Tori, Earlyworm, Rcola, Katalyst 5 in collaboration with Rise Ashen as well as tracks from Redworm, Nate Wize and Version Xcursion.  Northern Faction 5 also features contributions from the UK's Richie Phoe, Amsterdam's Process Rebel, South Africa's 7FT Soundsystem, New York's J57 and Subatomic Sound System and San Diego's Tranzformer.  Balanced's central agency is represented by Billy Rockwell, The Seed Organization and Kasm.

(2000) Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life"

"We have got to come together!"