Video: Zakes Bantwini “Wasting My Time” Black Coffee

Greetings friends and family from around the world, Today's In-Box Jewel is from South African artist Zakes Bantwini and Black Coffee. I just found this video today and must share immediately. How about that dancing, eh? I love those young boys as well.

Also, my patience has once again helped me weather the storm. Last month found me bragging about my Google PR going from 1 to 2. You can imagine how my heart sank when it went back down to 1. I did not complain about it (out loud), I just lamented quietly to myself and went to work to improve my blog. Here are some steps I took to try to improve:

1. Tried to remove all pictures that did not have Alt tags.

2. Took out all extraneous widgets.

3. Removed the banner that wasn't that cute and heavily scripted.

4. Checked all links to make sure they were still viable.

5. Prayed.

So, leave me a comment and get some of this Google PR2 DoFollow "juice" and have a beautiful day filled with uplifting music!



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