Friday, August 05, 2011

Review: Mario Romay -- "Sounds of Joy 12"

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Enough emphasis has not given to the fact that Funk Sanctum Radio is ad-free. You will never hear a commercial, no, not even my voice.  If you are familiar with which hosts Funk Sanctum, you know that they require a signup and sign-in to listen.  Guess what?  Here is a link to Funk Sanctum whereby you do not have to sign up for live365 membership nor ever use their player window.  Just paste this link in your Android, iPod, iPad, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc., et al., just copy this link, paste in any browser and join me for ad-free worldwide Deep and Soulful House Music.     

Yesterday, immediately upon receiving notice that Mario Romay has a new mix up on Soundcloud, dropped everything and ran (surfed) on over. The only artists on this playlist with whom I was readily familiar were Stephanie Cooke, Su-Su Bobien, Dolls Combers, and Wayne Tennant.  Am learning more about Uptown Funk Empire, Jonny Montana, UPZ, Groove Assassin, Sean McCabe, and Alex Milet now and liking what I am hearing.  Most of these artists are now in rotation in Funk Sanctum Radio and the Mario Romay's "Sounds of Joy 12" will be in rotation in Funk Sanctum Back Room in its entirety.  Let me know if you like this mix because it is one of my all-time favorites.  "Reach" by SuSu Bobien will make you happier and could possibly make you get the Holy Spirit.  Her voice has got to be a straight channel to our "higher consciousness."

Sounds of Joy | Vol. 12 by Mario Romay

01. Jonny Montana - Time (Jonny Montana Vocal Remix)
02. UPZ aka Avi Elman feat. Jocelyn Mathieu - All Out (Original Mix)
03. Groove Assassin feat. Pete Simpson - More Than Enough (Original Mix)
04. Dolls Combers feat. Wayne Tennant - I Love U Still (Anthony Nicholson Classic Studio Rewerk)
05. Dolls Combers feat. Al Olive - Chance (Original Superfunk Mix)
06. Sean McCabe & Stephanie Cooke - Just A Little Bit (Sean McCabe Classic Vocal Mix)
07. Anthony Nicholson feat. Sharon Pass- Higher
08. Alex Millet feat. SuSu Bobien - Reach (Reelsoul Vocal Mix)
09. Uptown Funk Empire - You've Got To Have Freedom (SOS Remix)
10. Georg Levin - In Your Car (Original)


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Michelle said...

Thanks for participating in the Alexa hop at Have a great week!

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