Friday, July 22, 2011

New Releases: Rahsaan Patterson, Maya Songbird, Kites With Lights

Worthy new releases and recent additions to Funk Sanctum Radio:

Rahsaan Patterson
"Easier Said Than Done" (mp3)
from "Bleuphoria"
(Artistry Music)

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More than anything, the cover for this CD makes my blog easier on the eye today I think.

Another interesting cover, and the more I hear her voice, I love Maya Songbird:

Lust (Single)Maya Songbird
"Lust (DJ Soulspin)" (mp3)
from "Lust (Single)"

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Next 24 Hour Service Station, "Kites With Lights":

CosmonautsKites With Lights
"Cosmonauts" (mp3)
from "Cosmonauts"
(24 Hour Service Station)

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Have a great weekend, Family!

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