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Top 15 WNBA Players of All-Time Is Now!

Image via WikipediaThis is as much of Candace Parker we will see as she is not at the Allstargame going on right now as she is injured.  Our only nominee from the L.A. Sparks.

Candace Parker of the Sparks in 2009.
My favorite all-time NBA center is Lisa Leslie for all that she contributed to the Sparks, L.A., NBA, sports, and women's basketball.  Please refer to my post last year when she signed all my stuff and will hook up manuallly when get to my computer.

WNBA Allstar Weekend (or Day) is upon us and waiting anxiously for announcement of top 15 players of the first 15 years which announcement to be made at halftime, but setting up this post so i can just hit publish when it's announced.

Year 15 of the WNBA, Tina Thompson was asked,

"How have you survived 15 years in the WNBA?   She responded, "Winning always helps.  Enjoying playing the game having a lot of fun."

"What kind of impresion did Cynthia Cooper  make on you?"
"Instant.  The joke in our locker room was that she had played professional basketball longer than I had been in the gym."
Still with a sense of humor and I believe lots of game left, I think Tina Thompson is  pacing herself, saving herself for the playoffs..., yeah, the Olympics.  I bet she was there because she is going to be in the top 15!  (For your information only, if you see the footage when Tina Thompson breaks the scoring record, we can be seen in the stands:  row 7, seats 3 and 4.)

Tamika Catchings, Maya Moore, etc., I have seen, but today being introduced to the 6'8" player from Australia:  Elizabeth Cambage.  Rookie from Australia --WOW!  Laughing and having fun.

The top 15 players of all-time are:
  1. Becky Hammond;
  2. Dianna Taurasi
  3. Cynthia Cooper;
  4. Swoopes
  5. Lisa Leslie;
  6. Weatherspoon;
  7. Tina Thompson;
  8. Dawn Staley;
  9. Ticha Pinichiero;
  10. Cappie Poindexter
  11. Lauren Jackson;

  12. ...can't remember, but should have included Ruthie Bolton somewhere 
Congratulations to the east and the top 15!  Have a great weekend, everyone.

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