Monday, July 25, 2011

New Era: My Palm Days Are Dead

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After being a happy Palm user since the Treo 650, I am driven today to try to find a new phone.  I have tried to wait for the Pre3 as still loyal to HP/Palm, etc., but read many reviews of people who had advanced copies and they were not very favorable.  The feature  that got my attention was being able to “wave” your phone over your laptop and instantly share pages, etc.  That that sounded way cool, but that is the main thing people are saying is not working.

Palm Treo 750 in handNow, after all these years, must get new phone.  What is the driving force?  I was introduced to Foursquare and cannot get it on my Treo.  Updating a phone in order to use an app is crazy or are there any of you out there who have updated a phone or device mainly for an application that was not available on your existing device? 

This speaks more to the Foursquare application than anything else because I am perfectly happy with my Treo in all other respects.  I can listen to on demand because I use Pocket Tunes which works great with, Funk Sanctum Radio’s host. 

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