Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amazon Associates' Accounts Canceled

California residing Amazon Associates’ accounts were canceled, thanks to Gov. Brown’s bill.  This happened in June.  Did you hear about it?  If not, you probably do not live in California, and you do not have an Amazon Associates account.
I am just now able to write about it without cursing and swearing because I do live in California and I did have an Amazon account.  Not that I ever made one red cent from them, but I thought the ability for readers to read, listen and buy with one link was worth it.

Having just performed a search of this blog for “Amazon,” most of my posts were returned in the results.  What should I do?  Do I manually go through each and every post and remove the Amazon link to purchase the music or do leave it as is?
  1. Do you live in California and experienced cancelation of your Amazon Associates account?
  2. Did you get angry? 
  3. Did you get angry at Jerry Brown, Amazon, or both?
  4. What are your plans in the future for affiliateships? 
Here’s a nice diversion while we consider alternatives:  Download Osunlade’s new mix: 

The Bush by Osunlade

Amazon Affiliate

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