Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ms. Barbara Tucker, Queen of House Music’s World Divas

 Barbara Tucker
Image by dancetrax via Flickr

So inspired today by Barbara Tucker’s interactions with her fans on Facebook which she does on a regular basis, your dj must now share her music for the unfamiliar.  Her song “Beautiful People” has sent me on many inward journeys and “I Get Lifted” is an instant pick-me-up to my soul; however, now she is sharing her uplifting words on her Facebook page and it is truly a blessing.  Most of the time Barbara Tucker is in rotation in and do not expect that to change.  Every time I hear her, she takes me higher and lifts me immediately.  Better than prescription medication, the antidote for a dreary day or oppressive surroundings, Barbara Tucker will make you feel better and maybe help put life into perspective.  Life is hard, but Barbara Tucker’s voice makes it easier to do “hard.”

The Queen of all House
The Ultimate House Diva in the World, MS. BARBARA TUCKER.

There is no greater female vocalist who has achieved more in the world of house music than this woman!  Barbara Tucker is to House/Dance what Stevie and Aretha are to soul.  Barbara has been a major part of the house community for over 20 years.  Some call her the Queen or Mother of house, to sum it up Barbara Tucker is House.  Besides being a singer/artist/performer recognized the world over, she is a Writer, Activist, Mentor, Stage Developer, Event/Club Promoter, Stylist, Label Owner, Artist Consultant, and Choreographer.  Some of the countries and cities Barbara has performed in are simply amazing:  Africa, Siberia, Tokyo, Sydney, Russia, Sweden, Berlin, Toronto, Montreal, Ibiza, Italy, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Germany, Hong Kong, Croatia, France, Egypt and of course New York. This is just to name a few.

The world-renowned, leading diva of dance music is much more than just a vocalist -- she lives to bring the spirit of love from the stage to the floor. Strong in her belief of the power of the stage, she performs from her pulpit, singing the message of everyday people, everyday love.  Once Barbara has blessed the stage, you are guaranteed to be touched, to feel joy, and to move to her inspirational message.

Some of Barbara’s Number 1# Billboard Club Hits include:  “Beautiful People,” “I Get Lifted,” “Stay Together,” “Jazz It Up”, “Stop Playin With My Mind”, “Most Precious Love”, and “Love Vibration.”  She is the ONLY recording artist with a summer residency in Ibiza, Spain where she hosts a weekly party that’s always banging and in turn has received much international praise and recognition.
Here is Barbara Tucker performing live: 

With the success of "Most Precious Love,” people are still being moved from the U.K. to Miami and Portugal, and in between Barbara receives awards and accolades for her accomplished works and performances.  She is Founder and Organizer of and "Let The Singer Be Heard.”  She showcases 15 house artists, established and new, turning it into a conference within the conference.  She has also done the Berlin Dance Award & MTV Parties from all over the world.  This Legend, this Activist, this Universal Diva, this Woman sets the standard for a true performer.  This is Barbara Tucker, and when a new club opens, they call on Barbara because she knows how to get the party started, right!!!

Now is the time to take this opportunity to like Ms. Barbara Tucker’s Facebook Fan Page and interact with her on her page and enjoy the “words of wisdom,” love and inspiration she freely shares.

Enjoy and share some love today,

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