Monday, March 28, 2011


Free advertising traffic exchange - Traffic Ad Bar

Dear dj Goddessa,
Congratulations, yesterday you were in the top 500 on Traffic Ad Bar at number 3!

Having been a member of since December, and seeing the visitors to this blog, "In-Box Jewels” increase daily as a direct result, I hvae to share this with you, my friends.  The trafficadbar home page displays the top 20 surfers daily and they receive bonus points, etc. The numbers they surf are astronomical to reach the top 20; so much so that this feat seemed humanly impossible. Who can visit upwards of 3,000 Websites in a day? Yesterday, determined to try to get to the top spot, I spent the entire day clicking, clicking and clicking some more, but the highest spot reached was No. 2. Sleep then overcame me; so, ended up number 3.
As I do not expect to come anywhere close to these numbers again, if you want to see me in the top 20, better go quick!

Please visit this page and check me out there at No. 3 surfer for yesterday: dj Goddessa, because it is highly likely this will ever happen again! Have a great day, and if you need traffic, I highly recommend Traffic Adbar,  and I invite you to join with this link:

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