Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Finally it is Funky #FollowFriday

Welcome New Friends and Family,

dj Goddessa here wishing you all a Happy Finally it is Funky #FollowFriday!  I have been so busy during my "day job" that I have not been able to post, but you are not here for my excuses. You are here for the fire, and we have it to share:

There are many new songs and artists in Funk Sanctum, too numerous to list here in fact, so I recommend you click any of these links to join us. Funk Sanctum Radio is a happy place, especially on Fridays!

As many of you know, we play Mafia Wars on Facebook (dj Goddessa and me) and have developed quite a large mafia. I started playing daily again recently. It took me two months to claim all of my gifts, but the funny thing about Mafia Wars is they save them all for you and you can pick up right where you left off. I was still collecting special gifts from Halloween last week. I say all that to say, please click here if you want to JOIN MY MAFIA on Facebook:  

Next, I want to share with you my joy  when my office manager told me that the only way i will leave here is if I quit. They have no intentions of ever letting me go. That's a good feeling, wait, maybe not, depending on your point of view. It's good to know i'll be employed, but will this block the independent wealth that is destined to come my way?  *smiling*

The next thing I want to share is my recent purchase:  Amythyst Bio Mini Mat from a Richway distributor who happens to be my . Yes, people you heard me right. A heating pad for $600. . . haha. I hear you laughing all the way here. But before you dismiss me as a total idiot, you should do a little research on infra red + amethyst + negative ion technology that went into the making of this pad. I don't have time to do the research, i'm working away, but my bootie is on it right now even as I type this.  I am not going to make the wild claim that it cured my neck that had been hurting for weeks in a 15-minute session or what others have testified to, it sounds too wild to be true, but you know dj believes in miracles and this was definitely a miracle that this Tool came my way in such a timely manner! :)  Will be posting more, I promise...  Hi Rose.  Missed you.

(I bought the mini :))

I also became a distributor.  Will post how that's
going periodically.

Have a great weekend, Family and share some love today!


If you have not heard of Richy B. and Melodia, check them out:  In the city ( club mix )

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