Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Music Review: Myra Maimoh "Answer'd me" Lights Up Funk Sanctum Radio

As soon as I feel as though I can list my station in a particular genre, someone comes along to explode these boundaries wide open.  Today, that artist is Myra Maimoh who I discovered through AheadPR.

"Cameroonian-born Myra Maimoh is, pure and simply, addicted to singing. Her gift - besides a deeply felt love of song - is a unique, soulful voice and the generosity of spirit to want to share her gift with the outside world. Now, for the first time, that gift has been wrapped up into a perfectly packaged unit with the release of album 'answer'd me'. This 11-track testament to the sheer joy of Myra's music is the perfect introduction to a young woman who uniquely combines the passionate music of her African roots with the pop, rock, soul and Jazz sensibilities of the West. Now living in Germany, Myra has absorbed influences for her entire musical life, whether from James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald, or the modern pop and r'n'b sounds she has heard since, these influences, all play a part in the genius that is 'Answer'd Me'. 'Answer'd Me' is out now and available to buy on CD Baby and Amazon. It is sure to be the first of many successful records for this future star."

Let me tell you something, friends, the more I listen to Myra Maimoh's voice the more I want to hear her. It is with great pleasure that I share with you today's In-Box Jewel, Myra Maimoh's release coming out November 11!

Myra Maimoh grew up in a big, Christian family in Bamenda-Cameroon with her mother being her greatest musical influence not by singing and dancing as we all might assume, no, the lady shopped records!! She shopped anything that sounded great like Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, African blues and throughout the spectrum from country music, traditional African music to jazz and pop. She started singing and dancing aged 3, and became some kind of musical centre of attention where ever she sang. Myra joined the Cherubic Queens (the country's most successful girl groups back then) at age 15, wrote and performed with them 3 years long.  She left the group to become not only a high profile studio vocalist recording in some of the country´s greatest studios for the greatest artists, she was among the most hired
doing everything from background vocals, lead vocals to jingles for national and private radio stations.

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