Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Richy B. and Melodia "The Way I Am"

New Fun, Fresh and Funky Music has almost arrived,

Richy B. (aka Richard Bruckner) sent this CD to me all the way from Berlin (without the wall) Germany.  Most of you know I am 63, but those who didn't, it's no easy task for me to convert a CD to .mp3 which is what i have to use for live365 broadcasting.  As a result I prefer and request mp3's from everyone because I have to find that program, convert, upload, oh, did I say remember first?

Well, I asked Richy B. for the mp3's many moons ago, but he insisted on sending me the disc.  I don't really ever listen to CD's much because I am always streaming funksanctum Radio in my car on my commutes with the use of PocketTunes.  However, this weekend traveling to the desert where I lost Sprint and my station we played Richy B. and Melodia "The Way I Am" I love them and this CD.  The lyrics are great, the music is uplifting and Melodia can sing her butt off!

This is Richy B's message to California:

"California people have fun with Richy B. music.  He loves California.  Richy wrote the track "California" when he went back to Amsterdam after the earthquake he felt 1994 in Los Angeles...Best regards, hallo from Berlin without the wall"
To our chagrin, the Jeep is locked up, and I can't get to the CD right now to convert, but I wanted them and you to know that I have received it, my  first impressions and gratitude for sharing the LOVE and soul.  Richy B. and Melodia will be in Funk Sanctum Radio as soon as Grannie (me) gets her act together.  In the meantime, you can get a sneek peek at their soulfulness on their video!

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