Friday, October 01, 2010

Durojaiye Versatile, Tenientetuko, Joshua Heath

Happy Funky Friday, Family!

“Stay and Enjoy Life” Is playing right now in Funk Sanctum, but by the time you read this some other wonderful song will be playing.  So, today I checked my Iodapromonet account where I get promos of new music. Today is a good day music-wise. This is shonuff funky: “Stay and Enjoy Life” but I can see myself cruising up the Coast smiling to this one.

The influence of all genres from 60's rock and folk, 70's soul and jazz to Blues, Hip Hop, Freestyle and 80's Pop, sets the groundwork for the sounds that Durojaiye Versatile creates to represent his many moods. He is best recognized for the use of drums and melodies and accredits his creative style to his exposure to music in his early years as a kid growing up in the Bay area.

The background noise in his household growing up was always music. If his Mother wasn't playing a record his Father was listening to the Blues and it all influenced Durojaiye. At the age of 12 he traveled to Los Angeles to visit with family and it was there he fell in love with production. By 1990, at the age of 16 when most kids were collecting shoes or hats, Durojaiye collected 45's of jazz, soul and rock. When a friend let him borrow a sampling guitar pedal, along with two cassette decks, his first track was born.

From there Durojaiye would perform in the 90's with Hop Hop group, Artfully Poor. They were recognized locally and won best unsigned group in a national magazine until Tommy Boy came calling to sign them. From there Durojaiye would put Hip Hop aside to start focusing and opening his horizons into the world of electronica and house music. His vision is simple, turn "thoughts into things."

The Fermented Sessions
Durojaiye Versatile
Thoughts Into Things Music
Digital Release: Aug 24, 2010
Facebook: Durojaiye Versatile

The Fermented SessionsDurojaiye Versatile
"Never Forgotten" (mp3)
from "The Fermented Sessions"
(Thoughts Into Things Music)

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Another new addition from Buenos Aires:  Mi Moto EPTenientetuko
"Mi Moto" (mp3)
from "Mi Moto EP"
(DLA Records)

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and to round out the new additions, Joshua Heath's new label
Copacetic (feat. Louis Hale)Joshua Heath
"Copacetic" (mp3)
from "Copacetic (feat. Louis Hale)"
(Golden State Recordings)

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