Thursday, September 30, 2010

Erik Rico & Marc Mac / Direct Soul EP

Dear Family:

I loved this song from the first note!
Erik Rico & Marc Mac / Direct Soul EP
Official Press Release (10/24/2010):

Direct Soul... '”For me there's no one set way that I begin the creative process, which is why technology is so important; it allows me to capture things on the fly like a moment’s inspiration.” Eric Rico

When L.A. based Eric Rico and Marc Mac (4hero) hooked up in the studio this summer, the only guideline was not to let the boundaries of tempo and style limit the creation. Direct soul was really captured in a moment of time with all four tracks recorded in one late afternoon session in Marc's studio. Marc's Afro-Latinic frame fused with Tech-Soul forms the bedding for Eric’s unique vocal style. A real modern day fusion elusive of genre and stretching our mental perception of SOUL. Lead and Backing Vocals by Eric Rico’s Electric, Acoustic Guitars & Bass Guitar by Eric Rico; Electric Pianos, Arps, Moogs, Percussion, Bass and Programming by Marc Mac Recorded. Engineered & Mixed by Marc Mac @ Dukes Place

*Wondering if I am the first station to play this on the Internet? I KNOW I am the first station to play on live365 because just did a search! :)

So, family and friends, I am thrilled to add the “Direct Soul” EP to Funk Sanctum Radio, just trying to decide which one is my favorite.

Share some love today,

Incidentally, I received word of this song only because I am a member of AheadPR. Heads-up, artists, use them it works! Other stations and dj’s, you can get it from them or wait to hear it in rotation in Funk Sanctum as usual, hehehe.
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