Friday, October 22, 2010

(1) Mike Devellis; (2) Tricky; (3) Blue Collar Willy; and All-Time Favorite (4) Ananda Project

Happy Funky #FollowFriday, Family and Friends!

There is so much new music in Funk Sanctum that it is full to overflowing.

  1. Mike Devellis "Nasty On Axis"
  2. Tricky "Mixed Race"
  3. Blue Collar Willy "Take this Job ...
  4. Ananda Project "Hanging On" and "Beautiful Searching"
  5. Helen Bruner and Terry Jones "You Runaway" from Hollyhood (love that!)

Mike DeVellis
"Nasty On Axis" (mp3)
from "Nasty on Axis"
Nasty on Axis
(Blunted Funk Recordings)

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I know you do not believe that I am coming back for details on each of these new additions, but I that is one of my priorities this week.

Secondly, many of you know Tricky's new album has received mixed review.  I happen to love three of the cuts and have added to Funk Sanctum:  "Hakim" "UK Jamaican" and "Time to Dance."  What do you think?

Blue Collar Willie -- I believe this was sent to my inbox, but it's in rotation and i'll find out where it came from!

Ananda Project -- My all-time favorite Ananda Project:  "Beautiful Searching" and "Hanging On."

OMG, Marco Manrique made me lie when i told him i would put his song in rotation right before i went to bed last night.  He forgot Funk Sanctum uses mp3's.

Finally, please vote for me in the "We're On the Fence" button  that is just to the right of this!

Enjoy your weekend and look for some new videos from me from our adventure to the desert.

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