Wednesday, June 02, 2010

needing your vote!

Dear Family,

          Please do not sleep on this one because we only have a few days left of voting.  Today's Jewel from my In-Box is from my main man, Teddy Presberg, guitarist and improvisational composer, who always holds an honored place in Funk Sanctum Radio and my heart.  He says:

"I'm honored to be nominated by the Riverfront Times as the Jam Artist of the Year in Saint Louis. (mainly because i love peanut butter) . . . It would mean a lot if you could take 1 minute of your time and vote for me at this online ballot."
Teddy needs our votes by June 5th! So please hurry and share the news with a friend!
All you need is a valid email address and you don't need to be from Saint Louis to vote.
You can also write him in for "Best Live Band" and my album "Outcries from a Sea of Red" for "Best Album."

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Thank you for voting and listening to Teddy's music!
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