Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In-Box empty so found Groove Junkies "Inside My Soul" Solomon Henderson!

In The Zone Album Sampler, Pt. 1 - EPGroove Junkies
"Inside My Soul (feat. Solomon Henderson)" (mp3)
from "In The Zone Album Sampler, Pt. 1 - EP"
(Morehouse Records)

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Hello, Family,

Sometimes I get lucky with little effort.  Today is one of them.  Comped today-- a $25.00 access card because I lost mine.  Then i find this Groove Junkies gem, "Inside My Soul" featuring Solomon Henderson.  I will not reiterate the thorough review, but suffice it to say it is making me want to dance right now, but i can't.  I'm at work.  Will play it again later when I can cut a rug.  Share some love today,

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