Monday, December 28, 2015

"michelle singing songs" by Michelle Shaprow

Michelle Shaprow
Michelle Shaprow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The simple title of this video "michelle singing songs" is appropriate and makes me hopeful that some new mucic might be forthcoming. Being a long-time fan of Michelle Shaprow, her song came up in rotation from my library. Yes, now I get inspiration from my own library, LOL. 

Granny (me) does not remember how I first came to know Michelle's music, but when I found Michelle on Myspace, she was so personable.  I even tried to set her up with my son who was single at the time. Michelle was so nice to me that she personally sent songs for inclusion on my station, "Funk Sanctum Radio" by djGoddessa. And now, even though I am retired from streaming, I still receive updates on my favorite musicians through my YouTube subscription. Actually, you should subscribe to my YouTube channel: Grangoddessa on YouTube.

How did I find this video this morning?  Well, actually someone repinned one of my Michelle Shaprow pins this morning on Pinterest, so that jogged my memory. It is all connected and we are all connected!  :)
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