Monday, October 26, 2015

Random Soul - Could Be Down (Deeplomatik Remix)

"Published on Oct 26, 2015 Random Soul - Could Be Down (Deeplomatik Remix) Random Soul return with a carefully crafted EP, rich in all the trimmings required for any deep house connoisseur. The title track 'Could Be Down' rises from a looped vocal sample and kicks in with a driving 90's organ feel. A pulsing bassline drives this track from section to section as it continues to evolve and pick up energy. It's a peak-time house essential! Next up is 'This Heart Of Mine'. It is a slightly slower track with a more hypnotic and classic approach. Building sections of chords and melodic stabs help to bring the track gracefully to the soulful piano chords of the breakdown, which transport you to many club situations with hands in the air, waiting for the drop. On the remix for the title track is Polish groove aficionado, Deeplomatik. Best known for his records on Miguel Mig's Salted Music, Deeplomatik exercises his expertise in moody, melodic chords to bring his remix of 'Could Be Down' towards the light. A brilliant remix with his trademark smooth touch. This is an essential EP for any underground house lover."

 Credits Written, Produced and Mixed by Lawrence "Husky" Huskinson & Johann "Yogi" Willenberg aka Random Soul.

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