Monday, April 07, 2014

Donald Byrd performs 'Blackbyrd' at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1973

If you were not alive then, this is how we rolled . . .

"The personel listed is incorrect. I was there as one of the performers with Donald and are one of the orginal members of The Blackbyrds. The correct personal performing here is as follows:
Donald Byrd: trumpet and flugel horn
Nathan Davis: Soprano Sax
Allan Barnes: Tenor Sax and flute
Kevin Toney: electric piano
Barney Perry: guitar
Keith Killgo: drums
Ray Armando: percussion
Larry Mizell: synthersiizer
Fonce Mizell: Trumpet
This is the personel for all of the Montreux Jazz Festival 1973 video performances with Donald Byrd.
- Kevin Toney"

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