Friday, June 28, 2013

Robin McKelle Sings Soul Soothing Songs

Excitement is an understatement describing the feeling of seeing and hearing Robin for the first time yesterday (yes, we are on first-name basis already). Robin McKelle is fun to watch, has a great voice, and I can't wait to see her live. Seeing her has given me hope that music is alive and well on  Planet Earth. Being a broadcaster has its merits because otherwise, CyberPR would not have contacted me with this goodie:

Some other opinions of Robin McKelle:
"Singer Robin McKelle blends soul and R&B while avoiding today’s retro tendencies. Her music is the product of her long exposure to gospel, soul, and blues. She grew up listening to Gladys Knight and Nina Simone (among other classics), and it’s clear she aims to write music in the same soulful vein as her influences.
"McKelle’s insightful lyrics reflect the state of the world today. “You turn on the radio in the morning, you turn on the TV in the evening, and all you hear is ‘crisis, crisis, crisis.” There’s something gritty about her music; the mixture of her poignant words, familiar melodies, strong voice, and electric stage presence evokes a call to action in the listener that is rarely found with other musicians.
“Not since Dusty Springfield invaded Memphis has a white female singer dished up so flavorful a bucket of soul” –Jazz Times
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