Video: Bantu Soul "Stomp Your Feet and Dance"

Happy #MusicMonday, Music-Loving Family,

Once again I learned of this excellent music from the most excellent South African House Music Blog .

Striving to be a better curator, your dj conducted more research on Bantu Soul and even purchased the entire album from (the only music service I use). "Bantu Soul is Tshepo Motshegoa who is a member of South African RnB group Khalil. He grew up near Pretoria and his interest in music started when he was a teenager. Bantu Soul says Boyz II Men were his motivation to start signing. The group's hit song "In The Still Of The Night" left a mark on Bantu Soul and made him want to make soulful music. He worked with Art Jones and Greg Adams on his album. Bantu Soul was an entrant into the urban and house categories with "Bantu Soul" in the 14th annual MTN South African Music Awards.

This might get your Monday dancing, hopping and Stepping!!!


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