Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Laura Jane: "Love Is The Answer"

"The Answer" written by Laura Jane was released in February, but your dj is just hearing it and have to share because not only do we love Laura Jane's voice, surely you will, too! It is a mantra put to music, incorporating an angelic yet soul symphony of vocals performed by Laura Jane. 

The message is loud and clear - LOVE IS THE ANSWER - a known saying by many poets, leaders and artists all over world, it is the unique way that this song is constructed. The angelic symphony of voices glide over a pulsing and addictive groove created by Gilmar Gomes. The percussion track is all live and played live by this Brazilian native. With the help of vocal arranger, Jason Paige, this track is unique and one to be remembered."

released 25 January 2012 
Lyrics and melody by LAURA JANE JONES 
Vocal Arrangements by Jason Paige and Laura Jane Jones 
Percussion by Gilmar Gomes 
Produced by Jason Paige, Laura Jane Jones, Gilmar Gomes 
Mixed by Jason Paige and Laura Jane Jones 
Mastered by Anthony Focx

So, just in case you are curious as to how she performs, here she is with Julio Iglesias (Yes, I am writing about him here --  LOL.)

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