Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Live365.com Down, Pinterest Down--is Mercury Retrograde?

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for buffering, buffering, buffering.  That is what is going on at live365.com this morning for my station and I presume all of the thousands of other stations hosted there.  Okay, that has happened before, so I will just pin something on Pinterest.  Uh-oh, cannot pin, cannot like, and definitely cannot repin this morning.  Pinterest is broken.

What to do?  I have been so detached from the outcome of all of my forays into social networking, curating, sharing and connecting on the Internet.  AOL web pages taught me 10 years ago that one cannot be attached to ANYTHING on the Internet.  It will be here now and after that poof.  I say, if you cannot stream it or pin it, be it!  That's right "BE" the love that our Creator meant us to be.

Okay, so the alternative is do my work.  LOL -- That lasted a few minutes, and now am back writing to you.

"Pinterest is down, but we won't frown,
Can still look at our own boards and move them around!
Station still buffering and Pins won't pin
So listening to promos to recommend
IodaPromonet is the quality spot
Checking New and Upcoming -- that means a lot."  djGoddessa

Paul Avgerinos was the first artist to surface while hunting around IodaPromonet.  This is a familiar name in the New Age Music circles and his new album will not disappoint.  Instantly it envelops you with a deep warmth and a soothing sound that is not without some soulful rhythms.  I would highly recommend the entire album "Lovers" for those warm nights by the fire this winter.

LoversPaul Avgerinos
"Mysteries of Love" (mp3)
from "Lovers"
(Round Sky Music)

This has been great therapy for me while Funk Sanctum Radio  is still buffering and Pinterest is not responding!  Will update this post when have new information on either live365.com and/or Pinterest.

It is now 9:12, and happy to report that Pinterest is back and you are probably happy as well so I can stop trying to write poems.  LOL!!!  live365.com is still buffering however.

It is now 12:00 and I guess live365.com paid their bill and Funk Sanctum Radio is now back online!

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