Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Connect.Me Trust Anchor on Trust Me Tuesday!

"Connect.Me will be launching its public beta. Connect.Me enables people consolidate their identity, social presence, and peer reputation into a social business card. Your social business card shows who you know and what you are trusted for. It makes you discoverable for your interests and expertise and is the first step in building the largest directory of respected people on the social web."

"Connect.Me is the world’s first P2P reputation and discovery network that works across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. As people build their reputation, they can use it to curate the social web by vouching for the people, content and businesses they trust."

Source: connect.me via dj on Pinterest

"Until the public beta is launched, you can only create an account by going through a special invitation link, such as the public card of any Connect.Me Trust Anchor. Trust Anchors will be sharing their social business cards within their networks this week.

Connect.me, the Respect Network , is now in public beta.  Let's build the largest directory of respected people on the social web!"

dj Goddessa is a proud Trust Anchor, and now you can get a special invitation link through my public card:

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