Thursday, September 06, 2012

Treasured Artists by @djGoddessa / TINA TURNER ~ Live in 2009 at 70 YEARS YOUNG performing "Proud Mary". The woman is amazing!

Starting my morning with Tina Turner who was 70 years old at this concert. We should show our artists how much we love them while they are alive and am trying to do my part. We love you, Tina, and thank you for all the years of quality entertainment! I love Pinterest.

The beauty of Pinterest for me is that I repinned this and forgot it. Today it resurfaced and will share with you. It is especially inspiring because Tina is only a few years older than me!!!

Source: via dj on Pinterest

Is it possible to get leg implants? LOL

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(2000) Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life"

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