Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HD Video: World Music Winner, Papa Wemba, Congo

Here is a HD video I thoroughly enjoyed watching this morning and am sharing with everyone. Papa Wemba at his finest:
Well, it did not take long for YouTube to shut down Idamawatu!!!  Quality videos from Africa, thousands of them taken down "Copyright Infringement."   I just noticed it today, June 22, 2012 as I am updating this post.  Hoping you had a chance to see them before it was removed by YouTube.  They cannot stop the Spirit, however, ever!

Continuing the groove, Published on Jun 11, 2012 also by idamawatu
World Music Winners in HD - Congo - Lokua Kanza - Nakozonga

These should keep you busy with smiles on your faces and a pep in your step.  If not, try this one:


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