Monday, June 25, 2012

Empire Avenue, Klout,, and XeeMe

I love a great game and will accept most challenges to rise to the top, however, when I realize that all of my best  efforts have been expended but the results are remaining the same or becoming worse, I will quit. Refreshed does not describe the freedom I feel this morning having removed myself from being "gamed" by the following oppressive (to me) sites:  

1. Klout  --  My Klout score was initially 58!  The more engagement and +K's given, tweets thanking people for +receiving k's, etc., the worse my score became.  Maybe I am really a 48, but engaging more and going down will not keep me around.  Not fun.  Bye-bye klout.  You will not see any more K+ tweets in my stream.

2. Empire Avenue -- I was only on Empire Avenue for about a month.  When my stock prices plummeted for no good reason and continued downward even though efforts redoubled? --  Bye-bye Empire Avenue,  on the Internet for fun.

3. -- I love helping people on and became "Patron 9."  Today went down to an 8!!!  Why would it go down?  Do they start subtracting when you don't do favors in awhile?  Not spending any more time wondering why, but it is off my list of  fun things.

4. XeeMe  -- I have had a love the XeeMe and its organizational tools, but no matter how they try to explain it or correct it, and no matter what I do, my "XeeScore" continues to sink, now lower than it was when I joined.  This one is making me laugh out loud, but still bye-bye, XeeMe, no fun.      

5.  -- As many of you know, Funk Sanctum Radio by djGoddessa (me) is Internet radio and has been hosted on for 12 years but their Android ap is not working properly on my new phone.  What am I doing instead?  Winamp, the free version, upgraded it to Pro for $5 and my station has been playing nonstop, no buffering, no freezing my phone.  I highly recommend using Winamp, pay for the upgrade, never sign in to live365 again.  Simply input this link in your browser to stream Funk Sanctum Radio or any other Pro Stream on live365 commercial-free and trouble-free:


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